Hand-painted Camo Collection

NEW hand-painted camo collection for fall 2018! This collection was so fun to make, I chose the camo fabric while in Vancouver fabric shopping with my mom who is a huge influence for me. Once the pieces were done I did an amazing photo shoot with the very talented Nelson local photographer Thomas Nowa and local beauty Talia Mucha (with a cameo by good friend Ramona Tomescu). I’m still learning how to style and direct a shoot but this team made it pretty easy. I look forward to getting this collection out there!

brie neilson
NEW Summer collection on its way

I'm pretty excited about this new collection of bright hand-painted prints on natural canvas. I'm in Vancouver this week showing them off but once I'm home I'll get them up on my site for May.  For the beach bags, I took my favourite large tote and made an even bigger design to fit a whole family's worth of swimming gear. Its huge! But made of light weight canvas so its not heavy to carry and of course, hand-painted and lined with a great cotton print. I included an inside nylon-lined zipper pocket, useful for keeping your cellphone dry and protected at the beach, or for putting your wet suit in after the pool. I also put in two large unzipped pockets for all your essentials.  The smaller totes are a fun and stylish way to carry your gear around this summer: fancier than a grocery tote, unique as always with each one hand-painted and this time, no leather, so completely washable just in case. Feel free to send me a message to pre-order or stay tuned for the finished products up soon! 3 prints in both tote and beach bag style.

brie neilson
This week's NEW Petit Pouch Print (Free with all Feb. orders)

Here is this week's new print offered as part of my February deal- get a free Petit Pouch with every order this month. I love making new prints- its a challenge (but a fun one) to just let go and make something quick, light and fun. I come from a background of making large detailed oil paintings, so painting this way is a really nice shift for me. Don't think too hard! Just do it. Thanks Nike. Choose the Petit Pouch you want from here, write it in the "additional order info" section at checkout and I'll sneak it in with your purchase. Thanks and have fun!

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Free Seasonal Petit Pouch with every February Order!

I’m very excited to be launching my new line of HAND-PAINTED pouches, clutches and totes this week. To celebrate, I am offering a FREE 5" x 7" Petit Pouch with every order for the month of February. This week, its a seasonal little sweetie, and next week, a new print so please check back in! 


Choose the Petit Pouch you want from here and write it in the "additional order info" section at checkout. I'll add it for free to your order. 

*For Valentines orders please order by the morning of Friday, February 9th (local and BC only). Select Regular Canada Post at checkout and I'll make sure it gets to you on time!


brie neilson
NEW Hand-Painted Prints!

I'm thrilled to launch my first run of hand-painted prints! These bags will come in three sizes: make-up bag, clutch purse, and tote bag - and will be available in my shop early February. 

I'm working with a black and white pallete to start, but stay tuned for some colour to welcome in spring.

brie neilson