Originally from Vancouver, I am an artist and designer working out of my Nelson, BC studio.

After having kids, making these bags became a way to be creative in short bursts of time. I am originally a painter but finding the time to set up and tear down became hard to do with two young children. My mother-an amazing seamstress and interior designer-taught me to sew as a kid so it only seemed natural to combine my passions into a creative practice.

I began making bags from found and collected materials such as fabric samples, bits and pieces from my mother's design projects and off cuts from the upholsterer. I liked (and still do) making use of discarded materials, allowing the odd shapes and sizes to direct the design of the bag to create functional, one-of-a-kind objects.

When it came to getting more serious about my business, I wanted to design a product that I could reproduce in small batches, but that would still have that handmade charm.  Painting quick, expressive prints and patterns on fabric was the answer to this!

I studied painting at Emily Carr University in Vancouver in the early 2000s and enjoyed showing and selling my work for many years, including many commissioned projects. All of my paintings have already found homes but you can see a sampling of my previous work here